When it comes to online privacy we want to be clear about the types of data we collect. We don’t directly send any of your information to anyone else, or sell your contact info to other entities. However just by the nature of how websites work on the internet, your data is shared and stored with some 3rd party entities.


If you place an order on our website, sign up to a mailing list, or fill out a contact form that data is either stored on our website’s server in a secure location or with our mailing list provider GetResponse. You can always opt-out of receiving emails from us directly from the email you receive, but feel free to reach out to at any time to request your data be manually removed.

Note that this may take up to 7 days to occur, and if we have an active order in process from you we may have to wait until after that order is completed. Also it’s possible you may sign up at a later data.


On this site we also use 3rd party tracking cookies and API integrations for the purposes of marketing and analytics. This includes, but is not limited to, 3rd parties such as Facebook (Meta), Google, and GetResponse. In most cases this is simply tracking at the browser level using cookies, but in some cases data such as name, email, address and more may be shared with these 3rd parties for the purpose of marketing and analytic analysis.

This is all very standard website stuff that happens on basically every website you ever go on. These 3rd party tools such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics allow us to grow our audience, and more easily reach out to our existing audience. If you ever see an advertisement from us online you can usually click on the ad somewhere to ‘stop seeing ads from this advertiser’, if you’d rather not see them. Of course you can also use an ad blocker and turn off personalized ads.

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