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"The album is a sonic essay catering to fans of long plays, intricate compositions and wholesome music. The songs are of high production quality, the instrumentation well balanced and the music crisp & clean."

PirSquared • thesoundsofpostrock

"Beautiful contemplative melodies of post rock Shoegaze nuanced with ambient and light thicker and denser layers of post metal etc. A dreamy and dynamic atmosphere that will be pleasant to the listener"

The Metal Abyss

"This album was absolutely worth the wait. Hearing the entire thing together is like finishing a 10.000 piece puzzle. The picture is complete and it is magnificent."



Sometimes you can capture lightning in a bottle, and sometimes the result is a sonic journey simultaneously airy and massive. With decades of pre-existing musical relationships under their belt, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's THE DEPTH BENEATH US officially formed in 2018. Drawing on diverse influences, from blues and metal to shoegaze and space rock, the band carves out a sound that is at once dynamic and imperative. The group consists of guitarists Mike McCormick, Daniel Eckrich, and Matt Rockman; bassist Ryan Manning; and drummer Wes Shatzer.

Originally conceived as a conduit through which to explore the possibilities of home recording and internet marketing, THE DEPTH BENEATH US ultimately casts a wide net with their debut LP through a combination of meticulous attention to detail, determination, and a non-zero amount of luck. An extended pandemic hiatus enabled the collection of songs to fully gestate, and the urgency to create lasting, substantial art was amplified by the uncertainty commonplace during this moment in history.

Proving that humility and a willingness to take big leaps can open unexpected doors, the band was able to assemble a prodigious team of engineers to bring their vision to life. The album was recorded in their hometown by Michael Washkevich at MDW Productions. The group then enlisted the mixing prowess of Steve Durose (Oceansize, Vennart, Amplifier). Finally, Frank Arkwright provided mastering at Abbey Road Studios.


WITF Music | The Depth Beneath Us

Awards & Accolades

  • #11 - Best of Post-Rock 2022 — Post-Rock Central
  • #14 - Post-Rock / Post-Metal Album of the Year (Audience Poll) — WherePostRockDwells
  • #17 - Post-Rock Top 100 of 2022 — StonerJohnny
  • Honorable Mention - Post-Rock / Post-Metal Album of the Year (Staff Picks) — WherePostRockDwells
  • Nominated - Instrumental Album of the Year — Central Pennsylvania Music Awards
  • Top 50 Post-Rock Tracks of 2022 ("Ahull") — Post-Rock.Instrumental


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